New Year’s Eve in Zurich, Switzerland!

New Year’s Eve is perhaps the largest, global celebration in the world. So the question is, where should you celebrate? For New Year’s Eve, most people either visit New York City to watch the ball drop or head to London to hear the chiming bells of Big Ben.  Therefore, we decided to go to Zurich, Switzerland. Why not?

Where to Stay

One of the best places to ring in the new year is Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich is one of Europe’s most sophisticated, elegant cities, boasting beautiful lake views, festive Christmas lighting on nearly every street corner, and some of the finest dining in the world. We stayed at the Glockenhof Zürich hotel, ( which was centrally located, and a brief walk to the lake, fine dining, and all the action! It ran about 220$ per night, which for Zurich is pretty reasonable, and the rooms were spacious, modern, and extremely comfortable. The room also came with free breakfast and a welcome libation, something we noticed most European hotels provide.

Zurich, Switzerland
Münsterhof-Brunnen (City Park) in downtown Zurich

Where to Eat

We spent time site-seeing during the day and visiting some of the beautiful city parks. If your into some good-ole-fashioned Swiss specialties, eat lunch at Zeughauskeller. Zeughauskeller is a rustic historic armory-turned restaurant that is known for their sausages. There were dozens of delicious sausage options to chose from. Take note that in Zurich it is common for most restaurants to seat you at a table with another group. There were very few small tables for intimate meals.

Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland

The Celebration

While by day Zurich was quiet and orderly, New Years Eve was quite the opposite. The Swiss have a definite edgy side. On New Year’s Eve, the city morphed from business to casual, as the streets cluttered with more than 100,000 avid celebrators. Lake Zurich Basin drew the large crowd with plenty of outdoor dancing, DJs and food trucks serving some of the nation’s finest comfort foods.  

The festive celebration has grown in popularity since its launch in 1988. There were street-side fog machines, friendly, carousing company, and tons of glüehwein! Throughout the evening, celebrators enjoyed dancing, singing to local favorites, and spending every moment together with friends and family outdoors, despite the cold.

Zurich, Switzerland
The Quaibrücke on Lake Zurich Basin before the fireworks

To sum up the festivities, the year ended with a foggy, firework finale. Despite the fog, the fireworks entertained, delighted, and wowed the crowd. New Year’s Eve in Zurich was filled with tasty brats, live music, friendly company, lake views, and a touch of European flare. As much as we love traveling to new destinations, we may not be able to resist coming back for this celebration next year….Happy New Year!

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