2017 Travel List – Where Will We Go?

This year marks a very exciting milestone in our lives. It is the first year we are going to be recording our travels, both in blogs and videos. We have been traveling our whole lives and cannot believe it has taken us this long to transpose our experiences into something tangible! Every weekend we are on the go, finding pleasure in experiencing everything we are capable of reaching. So outside of our regular weekend ventures, these are the following places on our more extravagant 2017 travel agenda.

  1. Austria
Innsbruck, Austria – a city amidst the towering Alps

Ever seen the Sound of Music? If so, do you recall the beautiful, rolling hills that were alive with music? Who wouldn’t want to visit Austria!  Because we are skiers, our goal would be to ski 1-2 of the mountains there, possibly the Pitztal Glacier, the highest ski mountain in Austria at 11,200 ft, or Stubai Glacier, which is 10,500 ft above sea level. Both sit in the heart of the Alps, providing skiers with the most beautiful views in the world.


  1. Duxbury, Massachusetts
Powder Point Bridge, one of the longest wooden bridges in the world connecting mainland Duxbury to Duxbury Beach

Duxbury is one of the less-known, most beautiful places in the world. It is located just north of Cape Cod, sheltered by a barrier beach which is connected by a half-mile long, wooden bridge. The bridge once made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest, longest wooden bridge in the world till it was rebuilt in the 80s. The barrier beach is 50 yards wide at some points, and is the only land access to the villages of Saquish and Gurnet Point, a hidden world of tiny beach cottages, all of which are powered by generators or no electricity at all. Another little-known fact – it is suggested the Pilgrims didn’t first land in Plymouth – they stepped foot on Clark’s Island in Duxbury before settling in Plymouth! Pulpit Rock or Election Rock (aka the “Real Plymouth Rock”) is a natural landmark; a massive glacial erratic located at the center of the island. It marks the place where a group of Pilgrims were sent ahead to scope out a suitable settlement. They took shelter on the island in December 1620, as the it helped to protect the settlers from surrounding natives. They later chose to settle in Plymouth.


  1. Manahawkin, New Jersey
Party Island Sandbar, Manahawkin Bay, New Jersey

Yes, I know I am getting some eye rolls here. When people think of New Jersey, images of Snooki, Pauly D and classless clubbing comes to mind. But honestly, some of the barrier islands in southern New Jersey are incredible! My family has a home in Manahawkin, across the bay from Long Beach Island (LBI). The house sits on a beautiful lagoon system that filters into the 18-mile bay. We bought a boat at the end of last year, and I look forward to scoping out hidden fishing spots, docking at some of the cool boat-up restaurants, and checking out the rising and falling sandbars which are great for daily anchoring, bathing, and mingling.

  1. Bethel, Maine
Sunday River Ski Resort, Bethel Maine

Over the past month, snow has DUMPED on Maine. The ski resorts are not bothering with their snow-making machines as the powder keeps on spewing down. Maine is a really beautiful state and the ski mountains boast some serious terrain and vertical drop. The best part about skiing the northern resorts in Maine is how they are less traveled, being a good distance away from major cities like Boston and New York that produce thousands of weekend skiers. And then, of course, there are the locals, who are friendly, down to earth, and fun.


  1. Delray Beach, Florida
Aberdeen Golf Club, a resident community lying minutes away from Delray Beach

I typically try to avoid places like Miami or Fort Lauderdale, as they are overrun by tourist traps and crowds. A nice alternative, and a place accessible by both airports, is Delray Beach. Delray is part of Palm Beach County, and boasts 2 miles of public beaches right off Atlantic Avenue, which is the town center. Almost all restaurants have outdoor bars and dining, and the nightlife is nothing short of safe, lively, and fun. One of my favorite places to go is Two Georges Restaurant and Marina on the Intracoastal, where they provide daily entertainment and famous 4-7 happy hour!

We will obviously add some more destinations as the year moves forward, but these are our focuses for now. I should also mention we had a busy first two months of the year, having traveled to to following places already:

1. Quebec City, Canada

2. Zurich Switzerland

3. Gengenbach, Germany

4. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

5. Windsor, Vermont
Looking forward to more blogging and video making! Happy traveling!!!


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