Travel Bucket List – Earle’s Seven Wonders of Wandering

Here is a list of the top seven places I hope to someday travel. The list has a pretty good combination of tropical and cold, sea level and mountain peak, and almost every location involves some type of skiing…



Since childhood Alaska has intrigued me. I’ve spent hours of my life exploring the state map. One life regret was turning down a job straight out of college managing a campground on the Kenai Peninsula.  I often daydream of adventures like paddling the Yukon River and scaring off grizzly bears in camp or flying by float plane into a remote wilderness fishing camp to catch some monstrous king salmon.  Most of all I would like to go heli skiing/riding in the Western Chugach Mountains.  If I left tomorrow, I would probably make Alyeska Ski Resort homebase and spend some time with the crew at Chugach Powder Guides.


Aloha…the spirits of Hawaii have always beckoned me to make this trip.  I feel the pull everyday of my life.  In fact, according to a recent FaceBook quiz I took, it is where I am meant to live:) lol. People often ask the question “What does your perfect day look like”? I would wake up in Hawaii on the “Big Island” before sunrise, kiss my wife for the cup of coffee she made me and head out the door early enough to catch sunrise from 13,796′ above sea level on Mauna Kea, Hawaiian for “White Mountain”.  Naturally, I would bring my ski gear for the biggest storm in history and earn my turns for a few laps. I would then probably surf “Jaws” by jet ski with the amazing skillz I learned in an hour.  After that I would play golf to calm my nerves at one of the amazing sea-side and cliffed out courses available.  Then dinner, drinks and dancing followed by sleeping on a beach next to a bonfire.  Too much to ask???  HAAA

  1. DUBAI

I would definitely pack a large empty suitcase for all the gold I would bring back…GOLD EVERYWHERE!  Dubai is known for some of the best gold markets in the world.  OK, unless someone wants to lend me a couple MILLION…I would not be traveling for the gold. I would be traveling to pretend I had the gold spending a week living the high life around other peoples yachts, fancy cars, upscale shopping and crazy nightlife!  I would definitely check out the impressive Burj Khalifa, a towering sky-scraper known for the Dubai Fountain at its’ base.  I would stay in Atlantis, “The Palm” a unique man-made system of islands off coast that include water and marine-animal parks!  Again, I would bring my snowboard to explore the largest indoor “climate controlled” ski hill in the world.  DAY DREAMING AGAIN.


  1. PERU

Again one of those places I used to spin the globe and hope my finger would land on as a child. I want to experience the mist coming off a waterfall like Gocta Cataracts or Yumbilla falls in the Amazonas.  I have always wanted to walk the Inca trail to the infamous Machu Picchu.  This Incan Citadel sits 7,972′ up in the impressive Andes Mountains.  Another big draw is Lake Titicaca mostly because the name makes me laugh but also because of its’ elevation & location in the Andes.  It is the worlds highest navigable body of water.  Obviously, I would bring my ski & snowboard collection along for some mountaineering in the glaciers of the Andes!   



This group of 1,000+ coral islands in the heart of the Indian Ocean have a huge draw for me.  I would spend most of my time underwater but warm & dry.  The Maldives have become known for their underwater hotels, wine cellars, restaurants & even nightclubs! After waking up surrounded by the abundant sea creatures in my room, I might head to the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant and then head for a massage at the underwater Lime Spa.  After that maybe an underwater wine cellar like Sea at Anantara Kihauah Villas.  At night I would break the surface but only to take a boat to the worlds only underwater night club Subsix at Per Aquum.  To acclimate myself to life on the dry land, I would take baby steps by relaxing in one of the many over-water bungalows available in the islands!  This time I would pack my water skis as I don’t see finding any snow in the Maldives…


  1. EGYPT

Who hasn’t wanted to make the trip to Egypt to see some of the greatest wonders of civilization?  I have dreamed of laying my eyes on a multitude of places dating back to the time of the pharaohs!  I would hire a boat to explore the Nile River taking in the ancient monuments along the way.  I would visit Giza’s Pyramids, journey to the Great Sphinx, try to make out Hieroglyphics on the walls of the Luxor, check out the Karnak temple and the King of Tombs.  The list is endless!  Another draw is the capital city of Cairo and the awe inspiring Egyptian Museum home to countless antiquities.  My last adventure would be riding a camel into the desert to go sandboarding on the vast hills!



I have always wanted to see Petra, one of the historic 7 wonders of the world.  This archaeological site in Jordans southwestern desert dates back to 300 B.C. and features ornate carvings and tombs.  I believe the pull of Petra for me comes from my Surname “Pitt” which I recently learned is derived from those who like to live in or around holes in the earth.  I picture myself exploring the narrow canyons of Al Siq to access temples carved deep in the sandstone. I would picture a life living in the caverns of the Al Khazneh with its beautiful entrance columns and greek style facade!  AND YES I would bring along my ski gear AGAIN because believe it or not, there is some killer terrain to explore in Jordan!
I’m going to buy a PowerBall ticket right now!!!!! Lets GOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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